About us

When you hold a delicious cup of coffee in your hand, it’s more than just a drink or a way to get a buzz, what you’re holding is a story. It’s a different story for each cup and it starts on a tropical day in a distant country. It begins as a seed planted in the ground, soon to grow into a tree, when it is then handpicked and travels to a mill where it will be pulped, fermented, washed and bagged and sent to us – where we push the limits of coffee roasting to make the coffee taste unforgettably good. By doing this, we connect the story from farm level to street level and we do this by working hand in hand with our wholesale partners; they are like a family to us.

That’s what we are too – a family. The Kindred family has been roasting since 2003. Reuben and Nikki Kindred are here to carve a new way for Melbourne coffee, so come join us. 


Making coffee better is a belief and a science. We are the Methodists of Melbourne coffee.

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