Let’s brew coffee together. Help connect the story from plantation to cup with us, our wholesale partners are like a family to us, because that’s what we are too! As part of this family you will have access to on-site support, opening consultations, systems management, and in-house training from qcuppers and state barista champions.


As roasters, we offer our own modern take on coffee that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Our roastery is a haven for any coffee lover who wants to try something different. This includes access to transparent single origins and our primary blend Einstein - a smart and smooth blend of an El Salvadorian, Rwandan and Guatemalan that sings like a bird in both black and milk coffees.


If you’re willing to question everything - then come have a chat with us.


Contact us on (03) 9819 6103 or methodistroasters@gmail.com

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